Welcome inside my server!

You are now inside an old beat up HP Compaq nc6220 laptop
No screen, No harddisk
It runs on Linux Mint from a Sandisk 16Gb USB stick
(the second Sandisk 16Gb cruzer blade, the first one decided to set itself to write protect / read only)
After running for months with huge apache logs
I Am not the only one with a faulty Sandisk usb stick
Next time i will think twice when i see a cheap usb stick,
 i have spent hours on the faulty Sandisk usb stick and thousands off people with me!!!
Not speaking off lost data
With a program called "testdisk" it was possible to get some files recovered from te usb stick

Wireless? ok, a black and white antenna wire that normally go around the screen.
Low power consumption ;-)
It has UPS alike battery backup ;-)

2 march 2014
Bought a cheap Polaroid Android tablet
now running a webserver on the Android tablet
If the tablet is on you can reach it at

3 march 2014
Ondroid.nl is now served from a Android tablet
tablet has less power consumption as laptop
and looks good as a Weather daydream clock in my home ;-)
webserver is ksweb mysql php ftp

http://samsung.Ondroid.nl galaxy s3 mini phone web server

solar powered webserver

It could be John McAfee his laptop ;-)

server location